Changing Your Locks After a Break In

If you just had someone break into your home, you obviously need to change your locks and switch to a key system that is more secure.

You have the option of rekeying your lock. Rekeying is different from replacing your lock in that the pins inside the lock’s cylinder are rearranged so that the old is rendered useless. A new key is then made. Rekeying your door is cheaper than replacing your locks. Triple A Brisbane Locksmiths for example charge $80 to $100 in labor plus $20 to $25 for each lock cylinder they work on. Still, you have the option of doing things DIY as you can DIY rekeying kits at any home improvement store.

Another option that you have is changing the locks on your door, or even better. Replacing it with a new type of lock. We do not need to tell you, but while in the past locks were all manual lock and key, right now there are electronic locks where you do not need to bring any keys with you and where you only need to punch your preferred security number.
If you feel that this isn’t enough, you can switch to the most sophisticated locks that hand holding a key in a door lockrequire biometrics like eyes scan, fingerprint scan, or voice scan. Of course, it will cost you. And even the relatively low-tech electronic lock where you only punch numbers is going to cost you at least $300 – and this does not include the labor cost of having a locksmith install it for you.

But we like to say, though, that in life you only get what you pay for. And if you pay a premium for securing your home, you bet that you are going to get something in the way of security – there’s practically no chance that a burglar is going to break into your home or office.
To find the best locks, you need to consult a locksmith. Locksmiths are professionals are making keys. But not only that, they all know how the different types of locks work. In other words, they would know what type of lock to use to make your property more secure.

Of course, it will cost you money to hire a locksmith. Depending on where you are in the country, it could cost you anywhere from $40 to over $100. To find a locksmith in your area, the only thing you need to do is type in “locksmith” plus the name of your area on Google. There you should be able to find directory type websites that list the different local professionals that are actively serving residents.

Of course, you don’t just hire the first person in the directory list. Make sure that you call at least three locksmiths about their price and services before asking one to pay you a visit at home.